Multi-channel Marketing Contributor - The Art of a Second Opinion

Highly experienced and qualified Marketing Contributor, offering a broad range of experience in traditional and digital marketing. With over 20 years in start-up, entrepreneurial and large enterprise activities, I am used to inventing, adapting and reinventing.  We are in a high stakes game in today's market, wouldn't it be a good idea to have a "person in the pocket" to provide that valuable second opinion.  

So your work is solid, significant marketing initiative all planned and  about to launch, but you just need an unbiased, highly principled opinion of probability of success. A second opinion: 

* identifies what matters

* says something that matters

* measures what matters


Your target audience generally prefers ideas they already agree with, images that are easy to discern, stories that are easy to relate to and puzzles that are easy to solve.

My background in broader, brand focused marketing training and services help provide a measurable and scalable 2nd opinion, on those issues as well as such initiatives as the steps for a powerful first impressions on a branding campaign; methods to segment - discovering personas never thought through before; synergy between channels; the ideal campaign media mix or perhaps the just the campaign process.

You have the ground work laid, I provide the assurance or the tweaking that optimizes the results.  Never be distracted from your key deliverables again.