Multichannel Marketing Specialist Driving Cross Channel Traffic

Highly experienced and qualified interim marketing specialist with a broad range of experience in traditional and digital marketing. With over 20 years in start-up and entrepreneurial activities, I am used to inventing, adapting and reinventing.  

In a market that changes every day and faster than ever, look to me for the not so obvious: 

* the critical thinking skills 

* the reading between the lines

* the time dedicated to just you

* the highly-principled and ethical behaviour technology cannot do!


What are you doing in social media, are you happy with your internal processes or external partner? As a UX Designer, I can provide a primary or second opinion on your specific situation.  

There is high demand today for most sectors to be in the social space, but how?  And how does it align with your overall digital marketing plan?  Like so many others, your needs may be for an understanding of social, or it may be a fully defined social strategy or simply resources to implement your plan. I will guide you to understand the space and/or build out a program that supports your social marketing objectives, and, contributes to your overall marketing vision.

If your needs are less focused on social, my background in broader, brand focused marketing training and services help fill gaps in marketing communication on an interim basis.  I help organizations manage their marketing risk and ROI by filling in for resource gaps for reasons of temporary leaves of absence, business challenges, short-term changes in the market, project management or short term implementation of day to day business.  

In all circumstances, you receive:

*  low risk, high performance talent that value adds to projects beyond the status quo

* resources needed to ramp up or down as your business requires

* cost control and budget administration

* assurance that I sign on to the end of the contract period

You will never have to be distracted from your key deliverables again. Contact me today,