Here are some questions to consider when being asked (yikes!) to put a Social Crisis (Continuity) Plan together. It is simple and easy once these component parts are considered:

  1. What are the Overarching Objectives of the Business (aligned from the business plan and the marketing plan)
  2. Social Media Crisis Defined
  3. What are the Overall Objectives  for Crisis Implementation?  (aligned with the PR Department and the PR Crisis Management Plan)
  4. Why, Which and When to Monitor Communication Channels?
  5. What are the Roles and Responsibilities of Stakeholders?
  6. Escalation Chart and Approval Process
  7. What are the Potential Social Media Crisis Themes of the Business?
  8. What are the Etiquette Guidelines?
  9. Suggested, Usable Reply Phrases and Action Words
  10. What, if any, should be the Dedicated Channels for Offline Engagement
  11. What are the Privacy Issues for the Business?
  12. Crisis Tracking and Reporting of Sentiment
  13. Employee Training and Demos
  14. Case Study Examples and Best Practices

Feedback is highly appreciated or If you would like to receive more details, email the Author and Social Media Strategist