As uncool as it sounds at first,  “corporate” Mom may have clout into your future and your career.  She can be a source of powerful recommendations, not just referrals.  Here are two true stories.

Take one Mom, who helped her son get into a publishing conglomerate.  When she excitedly described to me how he secured the position, from one of her connections, I was shocked.  Millennials… letting their mothers help them secure employment?  What a novelty and yet again, what an idea!

Now that he had the position, Mom went on to explained what he has been asked to do in just a short 6 weeks.  I was in for another shock.  I could not fathom how a 22 year old, fresh out of university, never having been in publishing, could even begin to suddenly pick up the pieces of a magazine, sell the advertising to make budget, print and publish it, and do so in 6 weeks end to end.

Well, not only was it distributed on time, he made his five figure ad budget. How did he do that?  He closed on an ad at the highest price the magazine had ever been paid for a single full page.  His boss was so amazed, that a special announcement was sent through the company about this new “whiz kid”. 

But the whiz kid wasn't amazed.  It just so happens that his Mom is one of the most successful sponsorship /event logistic consultants on the planet (my opinion counts) and responsible for selling event/trade show sponsorships to professional associations and businesses in Canada.  She does not take no for an answer.  So how did I help, she asked her son?  His reply “Oh I must have your DNA”. 

I heard another story about a Mom who was in the hotel business for most of her career.  She so thought that her son would be a great wine agent.  Wanting to take an arms length approach,  she contacted one of her friends to ask about securing an interview.  It was arranged, through a little perseverance. The contact was so impressed with him that she recommended him to management to hire.

The interesting point in both these cases, was there was no one else competing for the positions, it was the Moms who networked the connection and made them happen.  Two gainfully employed millennials....makes a Mother proud.

 | Janice is a marketing and social media consultant |

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